Mobile Marketing Attributions

Hi Snowplowers!

Our team has done the Snowplow web implementation and moving onto Mobile.
However we do not know where and how to get the marketing attribution/channel information for Mobile.
For example, the mkt_xxx columns and refr_xxx columns for web that were used for Web.
What and how the similar traffic information are logged for Web?

Thank you all in advance

Hello, you may be interested in the DeepLinkReceived event that was introduced in version 3 of the Android and iOS mobile trackers. DeepLinkReceived events are parsed by the Campaign Attribution Enrichment which extracts the UTM parameters in the deep link url. You will need to track the event manually as there is no auto tracking functionality for it yet. You can read more in the documentation.

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To add to matus’ answer:

The specific mkt_xxx and refr_xxx come from the campaign attribution and referer parser enrichments. They’re both based off urls - mkt is from querystring parameters and refr is from the page referrer.

Obviously that’s a web-specific mode of attribution but if you’re looking to leverage the same fields for mobile you’d need to track page view events on mobile, with the relevant querystrings and page referrers populated - the enrichments will populate those fields for your page view events, according to the enrichment configurations, then you’d need to create your own logic to model the data and bring it into your reporting.

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To further augment matus’ answer, in this month’s (March 2022) Office Hours there is a section that talks specifically about deeplink events & entities (about 17 minutes into the recording).

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Thank you so much @matus.
I just looked into the documentation and found it very helpful.

A follow-up question is that I don’t see the mkt and refr parameters are being processed for mobile’s derived tables: mobile_screen_views and mobile_sessions.

Does that mean if we need the marketing channel info on aggregated level(sessions for example), will have to build the custom data model to take care of it?
thank you

Thank you Eddie,
I just went through the video also the data modeling part for mobile.
However I didn’t see the data modeling for mobile is using the marketing channel information from deep link. Does that mean we will need to build custom derived tables for marketing info?

Thank you

Correct, at present there’s no standard module for this, so you’ll need to write a custom module to build those tables.


@Colm ,
Thank you Colm, in that case, would you recommend to implement the custom module starting from screen_views level to mobile_sessions level(like web model), or do you recommend to only do it on sessions level?

From my point of view, both are perfectly fine - so I would choose whatever option fits your requirements best. :slight_smile: