Getting health checks failed for iglu server when deployed through secure terraform configurations

Hi, i have deployed iglu server and pipeline using default terraform configs (quick start) and everything worked like a charm, now i want to deploy the iglu and pipeline for my production env, so i am using “secure” terraform configurations, i am using 2 public and 2 private subnets (same vpc) for deployment. i am getting 502 bad gateway upon accessing iglu server through load balancer.
i looked into the target group and health checks for iglu server were failing continuously

Any help in debugging this issue!!

Hi @Jahanzaib_Younis have you setup NAT Gateways / allowed the nodes in the private subnet to have access to the internet?

Hi @josh I haven’t setup NAT Gateways. One question, do Iglu server needs to communicate to the internet? for packages/lib etc ?

Hi @Jahanzaib_Younis yes the user-data script downloads packages and Docker images to launch itself so without internet access it will not work.

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Understood, i will setup a NAT Gateway then

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Hi @josh thank you for the help, my issue is fixed by setting up a NAT Gateway.

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