Iglu Server responds with 502

After following the quick start guide for AWS a few months ago, we have data piping into S3, but our RDS database is empty. Reading elsewhere prompted to make sure the iglu server is seeded with the correct schemas. When I try to run igluctl static push now I’m getting a bunch of 502 errors back. Any suggestions how to debug the server? I’m not too familiar with EC2, so any advice is appreciated.

A little more context here, it looks like the iglu server EC2 instance is getting cycled in AWS every few minutes, I assume because health checks are failing? Anyone else know why that would happen? The iglu load balancer returns the 502, but the load balancer on my collector seems to respond as expected. I re-ran terraform today and it doesn’t seem to have helped.

I would have a look at the error logs from your Iglu Server on the EC2 instance - if it’s being cycled in all likelihood it is failing the health check so something is failing to bring it up, or it is running into some kind of error that is preventing the service from starting.

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Hey Mike, thanks for the suggestion. It took me a minute to find out where to get those logs. It looks like my db password is using a forbidden character, and that was throwing things off.

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