Flutter Web Tracker does not load with Flutter 3.x

After upgrading my Flutter environment to 3.0.x the Web Tracker does not load correctly. The error reported in the Chrome(v 102) console is below. I see the same problem in Firefox & Safari and I’ve also tried versions 3.2.3 - 3.4.0 of the JS SDK.

I can reproduce this problem in my company’s application as well as the example app.

I’ve also verified that I can downgrade to Flutter 2.10.x and both apps work correctly.

Anyone else having this problem?

errors.dart:251 Uncaught (in promise) Error: PlatformException(error, NoSuchMethodError: tried to call a non-function, such as null: 'dart.global.isSnowplowInstalled', null, null)
    at Object.throw_ [as throw] (errors.dart:251:49)
    at StandardMethodCodec.decodeEnvelope (message_codecs.dart:607:7)
    at MethodChannel._invokeMethod (platform_channel.dart:167:18)
    at _invokeMethod.next (<anonymous>)
    at async_patch.dart:45:50
    at _RootZone.runUnary (zone.dart:1685:54)
    at _FutureListener.thenAwait.handleValue (future_impl.dart:147:18)
    at handleValueCallback (future_impl.dart:766:44)
    at _Future._propagateToListeners (future_impl.dart:795:13)
    at [_completeWithValue] (future_impl.dart:566:5)
    at async._AsyncCallbackEntry.new.callback (future_impl.dart:639:7)
    at Object._microtaskLoop (schedule_microtask.dart:40:11)
    at _startMicrotaskLoop (schedule_microtask.dart:49:5)
    at async_patch.dart:166:15

Hi @j.racz, I was able to reproduce the same issue when upgrading Flutter to version 3. We will address this and issue a patch release of the tracker. I will keep you updated in this thread.

Thanks for reporting!