Enrich 3.2.2 released

We have just released version 3.2.2 of Enrich

This release fixes a bug that affected numeric event fields such as se_value, tr_total, and several others (listed here). Because Enrich was treating these fields as floating point numbers, there were some occasions where we would accidentally corrupt the field value due to floating point precision rounding errors. The bug was introduced starting from the 3.0.0 release.


If you are already on a recent version of Enrich then you can upgrade simply by pulling the newer docker image:

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-pubsub:3.2.2
docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-kinesis:3.2.2
docker pull snowplow/stream-enrich-kafka:3.2.2

Check out the Enrich docs pages for the full set up guide and configuration reference.