Enrich 3.1.5 released

We are pleased to announce a patch release to Enrich, which fixes a regression that was introduced in version 3.0.0

Before version 3.0.0 it had been valid to send in "null" as a valid value for numeric event fields like se_va and ev_va, and many others. Release 3.1.5 re-introduces that old behaviour so "null" is once again valid value.


If you are already using a recent version for Enrich, then upgrading is as simple as pulling the latest docker image:

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-pubsub:3.1.5
docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-kinesis:3.1.5
docker pull snowplow/stream-enrich-kafka:3.1.5

Check out the Enrich docs pages for the full set up guide and configuration reference.