Enrich 3.2.0 released

We are excited to release enrich 3.2.0.

This release aims at improving the performance (CPU) of enrich-kinesis under high load, what we achieved by dropping KPL in favor of manually building the PutRecords request.

In enrich-kinesis and enrich-pubsub the order of enrichments was incorrect (e.g. Javascript enrichment was running before the currency, weather, and IP lookups enrichments). The order from this page got restored by default. However if you wish to maintain the previous order you can set this parameter to true.

Starting from this release, each asset also gets an additional Docker image based on distroless, which brings in fewer dependencies. These assets will have -distroless suffix on DockerHub.

It is now possible to use remote adapters in enrich-kinesis and enrich-pubsub, like it was already the case with stream-enrich (more details here). This can be configured with this section of the config file.


If you are already using a recent version for Enrich, then upgrading is as simple as pulling the latest docker image:

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-pubsub:3.2.0
docker pull snowplow/snowplow-enrich-kinesis:3.2.0
docker pull snowplow/stream-enrich-kafka:3.2.0

For enrich-kinesis the ouput sections (for enriched events, bad rows, and pii events) to change the default values has been updated (example for the enriched events).

Check out the Enrich docs pages for the full set up guide and configuration reference.