enableActivityTracking add variables

Evening all,

I’m trying to use enableActivityTracking and it is working well. However, I’d like to add some extra information from my site’s state to the event ping. Specifically, about the user’s organization and some other information about the page they are currently on. Is there an easy way to do this in snowplow?

I am using GTM for many of my tags(including page-views), would forgetting snowplow page pings and instead use a timer within GTM with variables from the datalayer be a better way?


If you’re using GTM I’m a big fan of populating state from the dataLayer (if you can).

For adding additional context to events you can do this in several ways but the most elegant is to use global contexts. You can set this on all events that fire or a subset of events and it’ll ensure that those global contexts are attached to whatever you have defined.

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Thanks Mike, global contexts were exactly what I needed!