trackPageView and enableLinkClickTracking inserting custom events?

Hi, I have a basic function here
function testCustomEvent() { snowplow('trackSelfDescribingEvent', { schema: 'iglu:com.acme/customEvent/jsonschema/1-0-0', data: { customData: 'customDataValue' } } ); }

which happens to work when I attached it to a button and call directly
<button onclick="testUserId()">Test button</button>

What I want is to insert this to a trackPageView or enableLinkClickTracking as context,
let dynamicContext=function(element){return context};let contexts=[dynamicContext];snowplow('enableLinkClickTracking',null,null,contexts)

I tried adding,

on the s3 logs JSON, it does appear but not on the database nor inserted.

but on the “testCustomEvent” alone, it does appear on the database.

anyone can help?

@Aron_Quiray, you can add context (entities) to track... methods. It could be done globally or directly as in

snowplow('trackLinkClick', targetUrl, elementId, elementClasses, elementTarget, elementContent, contexts);
snowplow('trackPageView', null, contexts)

where contexts is an array of self-describing JSON schemas

    schema: 'iglu:com.acme/custom_event/jsonschema/1-0-0', 
    data: { 
      customData: 'customDataValue' 
  . . .

Note I replaced the name of your event customEvent with custom_event. It doesn’t have to be this way but sometimes might cause an issue and it’s best to stick to the latter format.

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