ECR warning on pushing collector image


just out of curiosity. I receive several warnings on AWS ECR when pushing the collector image to the repository. There are 18 warnings that are either high or critical. Three of them are critical.
I am wondering what exactly they are referring to and whether it is safe to ignore them?



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Thank you @mgloel for the note.

We don’t believe that the issues listed present an immediate concern when using the Docker container, as the container itself is heavily locked down.

We are aware of them. We’ve recently switched to a new industry-leading vulnerability scanner, which has kicked off an internal effort to clean up as many notices as possible, irrespective of their potential impact, as we understand the notices can be concerning.

Please do follow up if you have any further concerns, Matthias.

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Hi @stevecs,

thanks for your reply. Let us know if there is some update regarding this topic.