Creating docker images for releases


I’m anxiously waiting for the release of 0.16.0-rc2 of the scala collector because I desperately need the feature of mapping a custom path ( ).
I use the kinesis docker located here:
and I need the [0.16.0-rc2] image. Is there an estimated date for that? I’d be willing to contribute in any way to get the release if that’s an option.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @louaig we are in the process of migrating our images over to DockerHub - you can find the latest 0.16.0-rc2 here:

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Thanks Josh!

I got to finally use the feature and all is good. I have another question, is there any expectation or release date for the stable version of 0.16 to come out? and is there a notifiation system I can subscribe to for when the release occurs?

Hey @louaig - not sure on a firm release date but for notifications you can keep an eye on this forum where we post all new releases as well as on our blog (where we also post major releases).

For something more automatic you can subscribe to the blog RSS feed using the following link:

@louaig R116 is now live: