Logs when deploying Clojure Collector as a Docker container in Beanstalk

I’d like to deploy the Clojure Collector as a Docker Container in elastic beanstalk in order to deploy monitoring containers alongside the Tomcat instance. However, I have a number of unknowns with this deployment.

  • I don’t know if this will make the resulting logs in S3 unusable?
  • There are currently http and tomcat logs, which are consumed by the EMR job?
  • Does it matter if I choose the Tomcat or Jetty docker containers as a platform?

Any other gotchas, or is this a horrible idea :-).

Hi @rbolkey - this won’t work I’m afraid - it’s hard to explain why briefly, but I am working on a “Replacing the Clojure Collector RFC” which should explain it fully. That RFC should be out on Discourse within the next week.

Sorry about that!

Thanks! You likely just saved me a lot of headaches :-).