Ecommerce Events - what is everyone using?

We are trying to decide whether or not to use the structured ecommerce events or use our own unstructured events for ecommerce. Any benefits to using the built in structured ecommerce event opposed to building our own with the exception of not having to model a new unstructured event since everything is laid out nicely for us and will help get multiple items into snow plow for each invoice. The one thing that we are trying to decide on now is how to handle multiple invoice items per invoice. if we use the ecommerce event, it will flatten this for us in redshift. so multiple rows for invoice if we have multiple items per invoice etc. if we use our own unstructured event, we have to figure out the best way to store multiple items per invoice in redshift, figure store it as a json array as a string in redshift and then parse it out using redshift’s json function. for refunds, we’d have to create an unstruct event anyways. thanks for everyone’s feedback and be curious what everyone else is doing here.

also i like that the ecommerce struct event turns each line item into it’s own event. there’s no way we can do this with unstruct event i’d assume right?

"This will fire three events: one for the transaction as a whole, which will include the fields in the transaction argument, and one for each item. The order_id and currency fields in the transaction argument will also be attached to each the items’ events.

All three events will have the same timestamp and same randomly generated Snowplow transaction ID.

Note that each item in the transaction can have its own custom context."