Dataform-data-models v0.1.0 released

We have recently created a Snowplow Incubator project to host Dataform data models to work with Snowplow data and today we released the v0.1.0 of the Bigquery web model for Dataform.

This is a first attempt to port the official BigQuery web model v1 to Dataform and as such there are things we already plan to improve for our Dataform users, like the option to use ref() for the derived tables and ease its extention with custom modules.

We are looking for additional feedback on it, ideas and suggestions!


As a follow-up, we just released Dataform BigQuery web model v0.1.1! This release provides a way for users to customize the data model with their own modules in Dataform.

To demonstrate this functionality, we also added an example custom module, which runs along the standard model taking advantage of its incrementalization logic.