BigQuery Web Model 1.0.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of BigQuery Web Model 1.0.2.

This release contains a bugfix for handling of the yauaa context version - which was previously hardcoded to the deprecated 1.0.0 version. All minor and patch version updates to the standard context schemas referenced in the model are now automatically handled.

This also brings the introduction of a stored procedure which can be used to handle custom context schema upgrades, for the simplest of use cases:

CALL {{.output_schema}}.combine_context_versions('contexts_com_iab_snowplow_spiders_and_robots_1')

The combine_context_versions stored procedure will find all fields within the context across multiple versions of a context column, and create a new table which coalesces each top-level field, except for arrays or structs.

Since this was implemented primarily to solve a specific problem for the standard models, it will only extract the first item in the array of contexts, and will only operate on top-level, simple datatype fields (so no Arrays or Structs).

We have created an issue to look into providing a more generic and more all-encompassing set of procedures to handle the same issue for custom events and contexts in the future. Suggestions and ideas on how to approach those problems are always welcome!