Bug: UI does not show the correct status of the Snowplow pipeline setup and Event Tester is not accessible


  • Create a trial account
  • Visit https://try.snowplowanalytics.com
  • A text in the UI is shown “We’re setting up your Snowplow pipeline”
  • ISSUE: The text is still visible even after the pipeline is setup and working properly (even after 1 day the first login into try.snowplowanalytics.com.

Additionally, some related functionalities, such as the Event Tester, are not accessible:

The UI tooltip states: “Your Snowplow pipeline is deploying, please allow 30 minutes for this to complete.” although the pipeline is already deployed.

Notes: I could not find the right repository were to post this bug (I am assuming the app is in a private repo), in case, please send me the link I will re-post there. Thanks.

This is most likely because of an ad blocker. Could you please disable all such functionality in your browser and reload that page? If the hypothesis is correct, the relevant text should go away.

Thanks Costas, I confirm that by disabling the ad blocker, the page shows up correctly.