Beam-enrich 1.1.0

We are pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of our Apache Beam enrich package that allows labelling jobs. Along the lines we updated Dataflow SDK for improved Dataflow compatibility. This is the first minor version released from its new home at snowplow/beam-enrich.

Job labelling

A small change that allows easier searching and partitioning costs by defined tag. The main use case is to allow users differentiate costs among environments. Previously, having multiple instances of a job running, you could only try to filter them by names. Now, labels can be applied across multiple services.


We have added a new optional labels flag to apply a JSON-formatted set of labels. By default no labels are set. For more details and examples on configuring beam-enrich see our README.


Beam enrich continues to evolve at Snowplow. If you have any features in mind, feel free to log an issue in GitHub repository.

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