Aws quickstart templates load-balancer instance failure

I ran through the latest aws quickstart-templates (secure) instructions today and the sp-collector-server & sp-iglu-server instance target groups seem to fail their health checks over and over again causing instances to keep launching. It ended up being two different issues.

For the pipeline collector server, I needed a NAT setup or the private subnet/instance would not be able to make an outbound connection to setup docker files. Once the NAT was setup, the instance could get the docker files necessary and setup correctly. However until that was figured out, the health checks were constantly cycling instances.

For the iglu server the instances were failing to setup due to the postgres database password having a backquote in it. That was causing the startup script to barf and constant health check failures. I updated the terraform script with a new database password and re-applied to the infrastructure and that seemed to solve the issue.

Hope this helps someone else out there and maybe consider these for documentation.