Assistance on snowplow's GA plugin

I’ve been trying to use snowplow’s ga plugin to analyse ga data using snowplow. I’d like to know what these columns created by snowplow represent.

“contexts_com_google_analytics_undocumented_1”: [
“a”: “1527503855”,
“jid”: “”,
“gjid”: “”

“contexts_com_google_analytics_private_1”: [
“s”: 18,
“gid”: “1878780784.1543770327”,
“v”: “j72”,

Hi @harsha,

These fields are not part of the GA Measurement Protocol, but they do get sent with the GA hit, so we mapped them to Snowplow entities, in case people want to collect that data. For example, v is the SDK version number.

You can read in detail about the mappings in 4.2 of this post: