Sending Android Google Analytics events to snowplow

Above article talks about sending GA events to snowplow seamlessly. has this support been extended to android and ios as well?

Hi @ruchimann,

No, I believe this only applies to Javascript tracked events. So mobile web data is covered but not apps.

In general in my experience, the use case for mobile apps moves further and further towards a less standardisable approach. So far most use cases I’ve seen for app tracking are better suited to setting up a set of custom events, and tracking interactions directly.

I’m curious to hear what kind of events you’d like to track and what analysis you’re interested in doing on mobile?

Certainly the standard set of retention analyses etc. are achievable with a mix of standard mobile tracking and custom events via the iOS and android trackers.


we have android and ios app where we are already using GA to track consumer behaviour. we want to send GA events to snowplow collector as well. Integrating snowplow android tracker from scratch for each event would be greater effort. So wanted a way where we can easily send GA events to snowplow as well.