Announcing Snowplow OS Distribution 21.08 North Cascadess

Today we bring together and share the latest updates to the Snowplow Open Source Projects as part of the Snowplow OS Distribution 21.08 North Cascades. This announcement is the second distribution in our new format, building on the updates we discussed in the 21.04 Pennine Alps annoucement. As before, we clarify our recommended component versions and discuss the latest Snowplow features.


So what’s new in 21.08 North Cascades? Over the past few months, we have focused on:

  • Improved mobile analytics options: Continuing to improve our mobile offering through a number of mobile tracker updates (inc. the ability to remotely update configurations), as well as the release of the mobile data models.
  • Open Source quick start for AWS: Making it easier than ever to get started with Snowplow open source on AWS via a suite of terraform modules (GCP coming soon).
  • Optimizing the core pipeline applications: Optimising the cost, performance & observability of the Snowplow pipeline through a re-write of some of the core pipeline applications.
  • Support for dbt: The first release of the official Snowplow dbt package for our web data model.
  • Snowplow Micro experience improvements: Load your schemas directly into Snowplow Micro and various other developer experience improvements.