Introducing Snowplow OS Distribution 22.01 Western Ghats

22.01 Western Ghats brings togethe latest updates to the Snowplow Open Source Projects as part of the Snowplow OS Distribution 22.01 Western Ghats. This announcement is the third distribution in our new format, and as before, we clarify our recommended component versions and discuss the latest Snowplow features.


So what’s new in 22.01 Western Ghats? Since the release of 21.08 North Cascades, we have focused on:

  • Making it easier to get started on Google Cloud Platform with new Terraform modules
  • Getting your Snowplow data to more destinations with Google Tag Manager Server Side
  • Getting your data from more sources with new Trackers
  • Landing your Snowplow events to core destinations more reliably, cost effectively and with observability with our updated Loaders.

There’s some other goodies in 22.01 too, so without any further delay head over to the announcement on the Snowplow Blog for all the details.