403 on requesting snowplow_emr_r109_lambaesis.zip

Our team has been pulling snowplow’s emr runner from “http://dl.bintray.com/snowplow/snowplow-generic/snowplow_emr_r109_lambaesis.zip” and it has worked great – until I tried to rebuild a docker container today.

Now it’s a returning a 403, and when I go to the URL it’s empty. I’ve looked around the internet, but haven’t found any reference to this file being moved.

Where’s the new location?


Bintray shut down earlier this year and they have been slowly switching it off. See: [IMPORTANT ALERT] Bintray shutdown on May 1st

I’m not sure on the specific version that was in R109, but you can find the emr etl runner assets in the GitHub Releases for snowplow/emr-etl-runner.