Where to find Snowplow freelance developers?

I know we can’t post recruitment here but are there sites for hiring Snowplow developers on a freelance basis?

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Hi @sevenm,

I found a few sites that have or had Snowplow freelance jobs:



Perhaps others can add to the list!

Depends what you’re looking for. Snowplow’s stack is very broad so a single dev may not know how to navigate all levels of the stack very efficiently. Those that do know will be rare and probably not cheap on-going.

If it’s an isolated part like enrichment, you may have better luck finding a specialist freelancer via Upwork or one of those Freelancer marketplaces for a particular language or task.

E.g. “Scala Developer”, “Javascript guru”, {{ Language }} + " expert" etc…

You can choose from a bigger pool (and hire within the same timezone). Also the documentation is top-notch so any dev that knows the language you need will be able to pick things up pretty quickly.

Hi There,

I worked on few Snowplow projects. Feel free to contact me.I’m available on skype@ techno.royal



I have worked on Snowplow extensively and work on a freelance basis.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

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