Snowplow users in Berlin?

Hey wonderful people,

not sure if this is the right place to post, so please remove if inappropriate…

I’m from Berlin and would love to connect with other people using Snowplow.

I saw there is a meetup group with quite a lof of members, but no meetup scheduled soon.

So… any other Snowplowers here in Berlin?

Short about me:

Used the last 2 months to get familiar with SP and using it for one of my own projects now - works fantastic! (Still can’t believe you guys made this open source and give all this value away for free - the software is crazy good!!!). Currently contemplating if I should build this into a fully fledged tracking solution (like Hyros). Maybe someone out there has a similar idea and wants to join forces?

Thanks & Greetings from Berlin,

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hi Moritz, there’s a few Snowplow employees in Berlin, maybe we could get together for a beer some time?

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Hi Randall, I would love to do that! Or grab a Glühwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt :slight_smile:

Will send you a pm.

Moritz, there’s a heap of Snowplow users in and around Berlin as well as a reasonable number of Snowplow staff. I was there for the Berlin meetup and it was such an interesting group of people: lots of people doing quite advanced things with Snowplow.

Now most of the time our meetups are organised by Snowplow but there’s no reason they have to be! We’d be quite happy to partner with anyone locally to run meetups. If you’re willing to do a small amount of wrangling to find and lock in a venue, we can help with the rest: finding speakers, publicity, funding venue, drinks and food.

And if you just catch up for an informal chat with Snowplowers for some Currywurst or Glüwein, we can probably drop some money behind the bar.

Get in touch if you’re interested. This goes for anywhere in the world where there’s keen Snowplow users.

Damn, now I’ve got a hankering for Currywurst and beer. And it’s just the start of the day on the other side of the planet.


Hi Simon

wow, that sounds fantastic!

I’ll check if I can find a venue to host a meetup before christmas. Would be cool to have a talk too, so if you have any potential speakers that I could contact, that would be awesome. I mean… I could also present my little project and how I’m using snowplow for my business but I’m pretty sure, I’m the one with the least experience in the room at the event :sweat_smile:

Do you have any experience in what day/time works best for people? Should I post here once I have a location or better handle it in a private chat?

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Moritz this is great. Snowplowers in Berlin sound keen so let’s make something happen before the end of the year and then roll into next year with some meetups planned.

I’ll drop you an email.