Where does GA Cookies data get stored in storage


In java-script tracker I have set gaCookies: true, but I am unable to find the related data into the atomic.events table in postgreSql. Where can I find the following gaCookies data “__utma”, “__utmb”, “__utmc”, “__utmv”, “__utmz”, and "_ga" in the storage table or am I missing something?

@v3nom, you should have an atomic.com_google_analytics_cookies_1 table where that data gets loaded

(assuming you ran this CREATE statement)

What is this table/information used for? How do analysts use this?

And how does the javascript tracker collect the cookie information from the page?



Hi, I am using postgreSql. If I am not wrong, it restricts me to have this configuration, as shredded events don’t make it to extended tables.

Hi @v3nom - you are correct; we have only limited support for Postgres currently, which does not include loading shredded tables.

Hi @alex ,

I am working with py-spark for analytics, is it advisable if I take shredded events and load it into postgre tables using spark jobs. Currently working with postgreSql as our volume is low and wanted to try out snowplow, eventually will shift to redshift.

Hi @v3nom - it’s up to you! We are not going to add this support to Postgres soon, so the effort to get this working wouldn’t be in vain. However, the cheapest Redshift cluster is not particularly expensive and all of this works out of the box with Redshift :slight_smile:

The enrichment collects quite a few useful fields including _utm[a-z] which can be useful to reconcile against Snowplow data as well as providing some information about GA sessionisation logic and referrals.

The code behind retrieving the values in the cookie is quite simple to follow and is really only about 5 lines in length.