Where can I find info about which auto-trackers works for React Native?

I’m using the @snowplow/react-native-tracker package. I’m able to track events manually, but even enabling all auto track options (e.g. screen view) on createTracker() method, it’s not capturing anything.

I saw in the React Native tracker section (from docs) that there cases where the auto track will not work, but I couldn’t find nothing more about it.

Someone have idea where I can find this information?

Hi @pedrohf360! Unfortunately, screen view autotracking doesn’t really work on the React native tracker as that is a feature provided by the underlying native Android and iOS trackers and only works with the native screen views. This is quite confusing and badly documented, we’ll try to fix that.

However, I am not aware of issues with other autotracking features. Lifecycle and installation events should work. Please let us know if you come across issues.

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