Where are the analytics guides?

Looking for Snowplow Guides

I was reading through your guides and loved every bit of it, however I no longer have access to your guides with the site re-design nor can I find them on github. Would these be accessible somewhere?

Please let me know where I might be able to find them!

Snowplow Guides Example

The above link returns a 404 now. :frowning:

Was this a snowplow-analytics.com/guides/X URL? Some seem to redirect but others may not have been moved over?

Oh yes for some reason I formatted the markdown incorrectly here are the URLs that 404:

There were also some useful pages on:
introduction to sql and introduction to r that are no longer there :frowning: for us n00bs

Uno mas:

HI @agileurbanite - apologies - we are in the process of moving that content over to Discourse and setting up the relevant redirects.

@ggaviani is running this process on our side - @ggaviani can you please update @agileurbaniteon this thread with each new content item that’s moved over? Currently we have:


Hi @agileurbanite, apologies if some of the guides are missing. We are moving them to Discourse and we have so far migrated those mentioned by Yali in this thread.

Are there other guides you are interested it apart from those you mentioned in this thread?


Awesome thank you! If you can point me to the guides create on R or SQL that’ll be amazing as well! Thank you guys and as always Snowplow rocks!

Hi @agileurbanite,

I have migrated to Discourse some of the guides you have requested. Here are the links:




We’ll keep you posted when we migrate the others.


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