Snowplow analytics doc required

Hello There,

Last month I was going through the snowplow analytics sql script doc, where I have found so many metrics with the sql script like page_view, unique visit, bounce rate, unique visitor etc.

that time I just forget to bookmark in my browser so can you please help me to find those doc.

I know this is very unhealthy question, but I need those doc.

Brijesh Singh

Hi Brijesh - is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks Yali, yes I am looking the same.
I want one more thing 1 month ago I was also gone through the server side Basic sessionization in SQL – Snowplow. but now could not able to find infact it’s 404 coming for this link
so if you can provide me those doc it would be a great help.

Brijesh Singh

Hello Yali,
No warry I got the link
this is what I am looking for.