When will Snowflake loading in GCP be available?

Hi all,

I just noticed that yet another way to load into Snowflake was released… on AWS platforms only.

I was wondering if the development team could provide an estimate for when Snowflake loading will be available for folks running pipelines in Google Cloud Platform?

My team is currently running the Analytics SDK in a Cloud Function to transform the TSV records into JSON, using Snowpipe to get it into Snowflake, then running dbt models to manually shred out the full set of columns, contexts and unstruct events. This is not very scalable and we are eager to transition to a provided pipeline component.


Hi @mariah_rogers I cannot promise any timelines, but I can tell you it is definitely part of our plans. It even has a card on our public roadmap. Snowplow data on Snowflake is a great combination, and we want GCP users to get the benefit.

Our plan is roughly to adapt the RDB Loader framework so the whole thing runs on GCP. Snowflake is now a supported destination of that framework, so it should be exactly what you’re waiting for.

We have a lot of developer effort focused on the RDB Loader at the moment, so at this rate we should get to the GCP port soon. And I personally am very excited about it.

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