What do you use to visualize product analytics?

I was some old posts, but all of them mention BI tools. But I mean something like Heap.io that is cheap or open source and can connect to snowplow data.

Heap.io actually can do this, but only on the paid plan.

Hey @Marwan_abdel_moneim

The three that immediately spring to mind are Indicative, Amplitude and Mixpanel. Typically they will either need the data relaying to them by consuming the real time stream or they can read data from the warehouse and/or lake (S3, GCS). We also have an indicative relay which you might find useful.

They are all paid products although I think there might be some free tiers.

If you want to do this for free then I think you’ll want to repurpose a BI tool. Most BI tools are more than capable of doing some decent product analytics. On the free side you have things like Apache Superset (which looks like it might have a bright future), Redash and Metabase. Then you start getting into the paid BI tools like Mode, Looker and Tableau to name a few.

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Hey @Marwan_abdel_moneim,

Like PaulBoocock mentions, there is a direct relay from Snowplow to Indicative. While there are a few levers that determine price, there are many free users of Indicative that use the Snowplow - Indicative relay. I’ve worked with the Snowplow Indicative Relay pretty closely before, so I’m happy to answer any follow ups!

Actually, we use the GC setup. We are testing how Power BI would work for us now, and we may pass the events to Indicative ourselves too.

Thanks for your help guys!

We are using GCP setup. In this case you can use Google Data studio. It’s quite simple, but powerfull enought for most use cases.

Also, you can find something interesting here to solve your problem.