Options for BI Tools (open source)

I am considering building an analytics platform for my site using snowplow - which is an excellently structured and documented platform!

During my research, I realized that snowplow only structures and stores the data in the appropriate databases (postgres, redshift etc.) and it doesn’t have a ‘frontend tool’ for performing analytics and reports (aka BI tools). I understand that we can make it work by integrating 3rd party tools like Tableau and Looker. But I am wondering, due to my limited resources, if there are any opensource BI tools that can integrate with snowplow? I looked into Airbnb’s superset but that also requires a more technical userbase and cannot be used by end analytics engineers who may not know SQL.

Thanks very much!

Amazon QuickSight obviously isn’t open source, but it’s supposedly a fraction of the cost of Tableau/Looker: https://quicksight.aws

Thank you - QuickSight looks very promising, especially as it built on the same platform that snowplow is! And its pricing is quite down to earth. Once could consider its cost as part of the infrastructure cost required to host snowplow data pipeline as well!

Would you know of any resources on integrating QuickSight with snowplow?

Thanks very much!

We are using metabase and its working pretty good http://www.metabase.com/

I’d also highly recommend checking out Redash - great tool so long as your users are comfortable writing SQL queries

Thanks for the suggestions! They have been very helpful!
I had tested re:dash before but its definitely not for non-tech people and my apps target users are more of the drag and drop variety :slight_smile:

But metabase and QuickSight both look promising. Would you have any details or documentation on setting them up for Snowplow?

Thanks very much for your help!