Webinar: Battle Hardening Snowplow Open Source

Hi there folks.

We’re about to start a new series of webinars to assist with people getting Snowplow Open Source ready for production loads. Our Quick Start Guides can get you up and running quickly but they’re not really designed to tune everything you’ll need to handle changing load volumes.

In these sessions, Josh Beemster, who runs the team responsible for keeping Snowplow BDP pipelines running smoothly, will take you through the options to handle scaling and demonstrate how you can load test to see where the holes are. In future webinars we’ll cover topics like upgrades without downtime and other ways to make your pipeline rock solid.

These sessions are being run twice to match different timezones. You can register on the links provided and you’ll get an invite to the sessions.

  • Europe, Middle East and Asia: 3rd May 2023 11am British Summer Time, 12pm Central European Summer Time, 3:30pm India Standard Time, 6pm Singapore, 7pm Japan, 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • Americas: 5th May 2023 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern

We plan to run more of these session in future. Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover!




Are the recordings of this webinar and supplementary resources going to be shared?

They will shortly! I’ll post here when they’re up.

@shermozle, any news about the webinar resources? Have they been posted yet? I’m interested in the AWS Dashboard that was mentioned during the webinar.
Thanks in advance!


They were sent by email, I gonna share

Here are the resources referenced in the slides:

And importantly, the video: https://snowplow.io/events/battle-hardening-snowplow-os-emea/

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