Wagon alternative

Hi all,

With the recent news that Wagon (the SQL client that allows for shared queries and online scheduling etc.) is joining Box and being shut down from October 3rd, we’d like an alternative we can use in our team.

What SQL client do other people here use? Do you use them in teams or locally?

I’ve been using RazorSQL as well but this doesn’t have the collaborative features Wagon has.

As always, any help appreciated!

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We also relied on Wagon as one of our key SQL editors. However we also use Aginity Workbench together with Git for managing and sharing queries.

If price doesn’t bother you take a look at JackDB which is a nice (paid) alternative to Wagon.

Thanks for the info.

I tried looking into Aginity for Redshift, but it appears they don’t support Mac machines (which is annoying).

One other one that is worth a look is Skyvia (they have a few products and forgot the exact name of the SQL editor) - they are owned by Devart. The product they have was online however when we looked at it it lacked the collaborative features of Wagon.They may have added since.

Good luck!

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Maybe take ook at Mode Analytics. It’s easy when it comes to sharing reports (with the query underneath) and depending on the size of the team quite cheap as well $19 USD pp a month.


We’re big fans of Redash internally. There’s a lot to love:

  1. Open source
  2. Available as a hosted product
  3. Can execute SQL against Redshift and also query JSONs against Elasticsearch (so you can query your bad data etc.)

Like Wagon (which I also really liked) it lets you go straight from query -> graph.

You should try out www.metabase.com, we have a running redash internally, but it caused many headaches, the docker container didn’t exist at all before and the install and update process is not really sophisticated. Metabase can’t query elastic though but as I tried it, it seemed way more thought through, stable and with more traction (working on new charts like funnel and so on).


You may be interested in signing up for the DataMill beta at http://www.datamillapp.com ! Wagon hit a sweet spot balancing simplicity of the app with easy sharing and online scheduling. Therefore, the goal of DataMill is to reach feature parity with Wagon in the short term.

DataGrip by JetBrains. It is built by JetBrains. All you really need to say there :slight_smile: Navicat Cloud now has some decent collaborating features. No charting but the charting in Wagon was rudimentary to begin with. If you need some socialising features, as Koen mentioned, Mode Analytics is a pretty good starting point. If you are looking for free options then you are out of luck.

Try PopSQL. It’s similar to Wagon in that you can write queries, organize them in folders, visualize your data, and collaborate with your team.

Disclaimer: I work at PopSQL

Hi @rahilsondhi - it’s good form to add a disclosure that you work at PopSQL to your message.