User ID cookie generation algorithm

Hi there, some time ago I came across a Wiki page about how the user id cookie value is generated, but I can’t find it now. Can anyone help me with the link to such document?

What I’m looking for is how that cookie value is built - not the way it checks if it should or not be created.


Not sure what wiki page you are referring to. Though, here’s the info you might be looking for.

First party cookie set by the JS tracker

The JS tracker sets two first party cookies as described here. The default names of the cookies are:

  • _sp_id - a domain cookie
  • _sp_ses - a session cookie

It is possible to set sp to a different value when initializing the JS tracker.

The value of _sp_id is recorded in the domain_userid field in the table. The values of domain_sessionidx and domain_sessionid are based on the values in the _sp_ses cookie.

Third party cookie set by the Clojure / Stream collector.

This sets a third party cookie on the Clojure / Stream collector domain called sp. The value of this cookie is stored in the network_userid field in