Upgrade snowplow-collector from 0.9.0 to 2.10.0

Could I please get some assistance understanding the proper upgrade method from 0.9.0 to a version that has a release asset where the collectors are bundled separately? In the version (very old) we are using, the only available collector in the assets is the snowplow_scala_stream_collector_0.9.0.zip. However, as soon as you get to version 0.13.0, you are presented with very different asset options which contain the transport protocol as part of the download file, e.g. snowplow_scala_stream_collector_nsq_0.13.0.zip.

Is there a clear 1 to 1 example of the default scala collector to the newer examples where there is a transport protocol in the download file? I want to make a clean upgrade from 0.9.0 to 2.10.0, but I am unsure which file or binary I should actually be using.

What stream do you currently sink data to? That will likely determine the asset you use.

Kafka support was brand new in 0.9.0, so it’s most likely you want Kinesis or Kafka; checking your current sink configuration should tell you what you’re currently using.

I checked and it was Kinesis which we were using as the sink config. I had to reach out to our ops team to figure that out, and now it is trivial to use the snowplow-stream-collector-kinesis-2.10.0.jar to mimic the behavior.

Appreciate the responses.