Trouble setting up views on AWS Redshift

I’m trying to setup Views on Redshift using the “Setting up the prebuilt views (cubes and recipes) in Redshift and PostgreSQL” section of the Snowplow Setup Guide on Github. However, when I click on the required hyperlink it can’t find the page.

Please advise as to how I can setup Views on Redshift.


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This was asked before and it’s not fixed yet. Maybe @christophe can help



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This is exactly what I came here to ask. Where can someone new to working with Snowplow, having no documentation locally, get copies of all recipes and cookbooks for both the views and cubes? Please advise!

The data models have moved to web-data-model repository.

The web-data-model repo is very helpful, but what I’m looking for is the schema definition of the atomic-events table itself. It seems that the web-data-model-repo pre-supposes the existence of the atomic-events table. I’m doing a slight bit of off-roading (enriched Kinesis stream -> Firehose -> Redshift), so I’d like to build the atomic-events schema myself. However, I can’t seem to find the sql def anywhere. Any tips?

Derp, nvm, found that here: