Tracking in Facebook In App Browser

How can I make sure the snowplow call fires when an ad is clicked in facebook app and it opens in facebook’s in-app browser? Also how can this be possible to test locally?
Are there any other alternatives?


In theory the javascript tracker should work within the web page regardless of what the browser is, but I’m not sure how things like cookie setting would behave.

A lot of it is dependent on how Facebook’s browser works, which is something we don’t have control over. In general Facebook take measures to prevent tracking within their platform.

As far as local testing goes, you can’t spin up Facebook’s browser locally, so I don’t see any options.

You could test it out by setting a unique utm_parameter on a facebook link and looking into your data to see how the tracker behaves.

I don’t know enough about the Facebook browser but if you’re just trying to track clicks these can be designed as redirects so that they go route through the Snowplow collector first.

See for some more information on the redirect functionality.

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