Tracking image/click impressions (no ad server)

We are thinking of using snowplow to track impressions but not for real ads. We have a couple of pages with product images from different clients we would like to track. Probably just the impressions and clicks would be enough.

If we go with snowplow do we need to implement all the JS logic for triggering the impression and click events? If so it’s OK, I just want to make sure I’m not missing some feature Snowplow provides.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pacuna,

You’ve got a few options there - you can use the javascript tracker, or a mix of the pixel tracker, the iglu webhook and click redirects to achieve this.

Here’s a tutorial on the subject which should give you a good idea of how it works.


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To add to the answer from @Colm above - how are you currently serving the ads? If it’s a common enough ad server (e.g., DFP) you can simply use pixel tracking without any Javascript but if you want to track additional data (and can embed Javascript) the JS tracker will work well.

Hi @mike, like I mentioned they are not technically ads so they are being served by a regular back-end application. They are products in a sort of catalog, and we need metrics like viewability and CTR.

@Colm thanks! That’s just what I was looking for.

Ah fair enough - in that case it sounds like the Javascript tracker would be perfect (for sending through impressions and clicks with a context for each).