Syntax error at or near "ev" in snowplow web package version 0.13.1

After upgrading to snowplow_web package version 0.13.1 (but this is also true with version 0.13.0), I’m now getting a new syntax error when running dbt as follows:

15:58:43  Database Error in model snowplow_web_sessions_this_run (models/sessions/scratch/default/snowplow_web_sessions_this_run.sql)
15:58:43    syntax error at or near "ev"
15:58:43    LINE 140:         ev.event_name in ('page_ping', 'page_view')
15:58:43                      ^
15:58:43    compiled Code at target/run/snowplow_web/models/sessions/scratch/default/snowplow_web_sessions_this_run.sql

It appears the SQL code in question has a missing space before a WHERE clause around line 138:

        on ev.page_view_id = ya.page_view_idwhere
        ev.event_name in ('page_ping', 'page_view')
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Thanks @dgiulianelli , I can repoduce the bug and we will look to get a fix out this week!

Thank you Ryan for the prompt response!

Version 0.13.2 should be out now, which has a fix for this in. Thanks for raising this and let us know if you encounter any further issues!

@dgiulianelli as Ryan mentioned, 0.13.2 should be out now! See the release post here!