Snowplow_web dbt package expecting a different column name than what I have in my events table

I am working on using the snowplow_web dbt package and trying to get the package to run successfully. When I run the below commands, some tables build successfully, but when dbt tries to build snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest, it errors out.
Commands Run
dbt seed --select snowplow_web --full-refresh
dbt run --selector snowplow_web

Error when building snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest
SQL compilation error: error line 16 at position 20
invalid identifier ‘E.DOMAIN_SESSIONID’

The “E” refers to my events table. My events table does not have a domain_sessionid column, it simply has session_id. Can I override the behavior of this model so that it is looking for the column I have and not the domain_sessionid column?

I’m not quite sure what you mean that your events table doesn’t have a domain_sessionid column, as this is one of the standard atomic event columns that is in all snowplow event tables?

If you are using at least version 0.16.0 of the web package you can change the sessionisation identifier (see the docs here) but we still explicitly use this field in a few places later.