Sydney Meetup next week

Hey folks we’re running our Snowplow meetup again next week. We’re planning to run one per quarter from now onwards so if you’ve got something you’d like to talk about, let me know.

Snowplow Analytics Sydney Meetup

Using Snowplow to consolidate analytics across multiple platforms

Luke Lewandowski, Head of Development and Quality Assurance - Product and Technology, Seven West Media

Seven’s video on demand & live TV product 7plus runs on a wide range of devices: desktop, native mobile and connected TVs. In order to minimise tracking implementation while staying flexible they use Snowplow to collect once and then fan out to multiple analytics platforms in a structured manner. Luke will talk through challenges and how they managed to achieve it.

Google Cloud Platform port

Josh Beemster, Technical Operations Lead at Snowplow Analytics

Josh will talk through the new Google Cloud Platform port and some of the amazing things it can do.

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