Panel discussion from Superweek 2023

Superweek* have just uploaded a video from this year’s event with a great panel discussing the different analytics tools. The wonderful @davidher_mann took the Snowplow corner and handled it admirably! Very knowledgeable and insightful answers and comments.

Worth a watch on YouTube. Thanks for your amazing insights David!

* Superweek is a rather special annual gathering of the digital analytics elite locked into a remote hotel in Hungary. I’ve never been because it’s a long way from Sydney and heading to a cold place in our wonderful Summer (and school holidays) isn’t an easy proposition.

Bonus points: You’ll see our mate @dumky pop up in the questions section,.


Thanks fore the mention @shermozle. Long story short: I heard about the panel discussion, but it wasn’t intended that Snowplow is part of the panel. I argued that this is not objective and the organizers agreed shortly before the discussion. As you can obviously see in the video, it’s hard not to look like a greenhorn in front of people like Adam, Maciej and Krista whose “job is to sell the tools”. But it was fun!


You did an awesome job @davidher_mann!

I loved how lots of your answers were succinct & directly covered off the topic at hand. To me it came across like you have a lot of confidence in the product and were happy to let it speak for itself. As an engineer, that’s exactly how I’d like users to feel. :slight_smile:

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