Reinventing digital analytics: Snowplow presentation at the DA Hub London, 2016 [presentation]

Earlier this I was very fortunate to speak at the DA Hub Europe.

The presentation and a summary of it can be found here.

I used the talk as an opportunity to share some of our broader thinking at Snowplow with what has gone wrong with digital analytics, and how we’re trying to fix it, by taking a fresh approach.

I’d love to share this with the wider Snowplow and Digital Analytics community, and get your feedback!

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Do you have a link to the talk itself?

Hi Jordan - I’ve added that now :smile:. I tried to embed the pres directly here but that didn’t work, so posted it to our blog instead.

Would still love feedback on Discourse!

This looks good @yali - you guys have really distilled the value of Snowplow over the years into a much tighter and more concise proposition.

I think practical examples would be interesting to include too but you had a demo booth setup anyway right?

Have you guys tried Airbnb Caravel?

Yes we did the demo booth! We do need practical examples /case studies too.

Haven’t tried Caravel yet - have you been using it? What do you reckon?

Caravel is great… You can share/explore your Snowplow data interactively on a US$30/month instance.

It’s basic but developing quickly.