Swift 2.0 struct event requirements

Hey Guys,

This is entirely in relation to structured events.

Within Objective-c the struct event would look like this:

[t1 trackStructuredEvent:@”shop“ action:@”add-to-basket“ label:@”Add To Basket“ property:@”pcs“ value:27 timestamp:1446542245000]

For Swift its more like:

let event = Structured(category: "Category_example", action: "Action_example", label: "Label_example", property: "Property_example", value: "value_example")

Now as far as documentation for Objective-c the required names for struct event are: category, action, label, property and value. says it here, about 3/4 down the page.

For the JS Tracker V2+ only Category and Action are Required.

Now that the SDK APIs very much match the JS tracker construct, my question is for the SDKs 2.0+ for IOS and Android what are the required structured event names? category and action? or more than that?


Hey @kfitzpatrick

Technically speaking, a structured event doesn’t need any properties to be populated to pass pipeline validation only that they are all string, expect value which is a number (or a string which will successfully cast to a number, e.g. "1.0").

However, our trackers typically recommend (and in some cases enforce) a minimum of Category and Action.

Ah the penny has dropped, I get it, thanks @PaulBoocock.