Struct Definitions

I’m looking for some documentation to define each of the arguments in an event struct:
category: Category of your event, i.e. store
action: The name of your event: store_purchase
label: ?
property: ?
value: ?
contexts: Used to enrich the data. Add anything we think is important. i.e. data: { sku: ‘123’, product_price: 99.99 }

Does anyone have clear definitions for each of these?


Hello @tomgatzgates,

Structured events modelled after Google Analytics Events. You can find more information on our wiki or GA docs, however to implement custom events we recommend you to use self-describing events (also sometimes called unstructured), they require little bit more manual labor to implement correctly, but also provide much more control to match your business domain.

As about contexts field - this is array of custom contexts, one more approach specific for Snowplow. Both custom contexts and self-describing events based on self-describing JSON.