Snowplow with AWS Elastic Search

Hi All,

Below is my current setup, now i want to use AWS Elastic search for this.
Collector --> Stream-Enrich --> Kinesis-S3 --> EMR --> Redshift with ELK

I have use AWS Firehose and send all even from Kinesis stream and push to Elastic search.

But my events are not getting push to elastic search. I don’t want to loose or dont want to disturb my current data flow but additionally i want to get data from Kinesis stream an push into AWS Elastic search.

We have a similar use case, and we solve it by unloading data from Redshit to s3, then from s3 to Elastic Search using logstash

Hi Both,

You had better new consumer to enriched Kinesis stream, pushing data to Elasticsearch (Elasticsearch steram storage). This one supports AWS signed requests, so you can hide your hosted Elasticsearch a bit from the Internet.