Snowplow-web 0.6.0 dbt package released

We are very excited to announce the release of the snowplow-web v.0.6.0 dbt package.
This release drops support for dbt versions before 1.0.0 (removing warning messages) and adds a couple of QOL changes as well as fixing some bugs. We’ve changed the naming of our cluster macros to be consistent with the mobile package, and so if you have implemented custom macros for the cluster_by macros they are now prepended with web_ .


  • Drop support for dbt versions before 1.0.0 (Close #62)
  • Set default materialisation to tables (Close #61)
  • Fix configuration bug when materialisation set to table (Close #59)
  • Improve quarantined sessions exclusion logic (Close #60)
  • Fix cluster by fields bug when customising and using both web and mobile packages (Close #56)
  • Increase session_lookback_days limit to be aligned with mobile model (Close #68)
  • Fix user stitching bug if domain_userid is smaller than user_id (Close #66)
  • Clean up incremental_manifest and quarantined_sessions tables varchar logic (Close #70)


To upgrade simply bump the snowplow-web version in your packages.yml file.
If you are using custom versions of the cluster_by macros you will need to rename them and prepend them with web_ , e.g. from cluster_by_fields_page_views() to web_cluster_by_fields_page_views()