Snowplow tracker authentication


I want to understand , how I can add security tokens to my trackers so that only authentic apps send tracking data to my collector. If so , what is the collector side changes need?

Also Is there a way to encrypt my collector url so that bad actors on web can’t track it and send bad data onto it?

For this concern you’ll want to configure the collector to accept what domains you see fit, I would get familiar with the HOCON. You shouldn’t need to do anything with your collector URL, but if concerned you can always stick a load balancer on the front of it, however this still won’t stop people poking around but a well informed IT security team can ensure its robust.

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Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to know, what are the advantages of using Snowplow BDP and and how it is different from Snowplow Open source? I was thinking , Snowplow BDP might be more secure and might have more options in terms of security.