Snowplow support of AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) based redshift certificate

Amazon emailed us that they willl soon replace the Redshift SSL certificate with AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) one and hence we might need to update the current trust root CA certificates on our clients.
more details here

we are using snowplow v80 (Southern Cassowary). Is it something we need to change/do in that regards?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @morans,

Yes you will need to ensure that you have installed the correct root certificates as per the linked document on all servers that are communicating via SSL to your Redshift Cluster. This will also include personal computers within your organisation.

The upcoming Snowplow RDB Loader release should contain the latest Redshift JDBC drivers, so the servers running this particular project will not need to be manually upgraded.

To be safe however all servers should have the new root certificates installed ahead of the changeover date.

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Thank you Josh.

yes, I wanted to know what I needs to do in regards to snowplow.
Based on your answer I hope that upgrading to the latest version (92) will be enough.
Is there a date you can share regarding the upcoming version date?


Hi @morans, we don’t share release dates, but if you upgrade to R92 then the further upgrade to the RDB Loader should be relatively fast when that is available.